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Attitude and effort are everything, and 110 means giving our best of both.

Mission Statement

Attitude and effort are everything, and 110 means giving our best of both – 110% to God, our families, our communities, our vocation, and our clients. It is this endeavor upon which our business was founded and continues to operate. The goal is to enhance the experience of those involved in real estate transactions through our professionalism, diligence, competence, and care. 

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110 Title Services

Closing refers to the legal process of transferring ownership of a property from the seller to the buyer, or to the legal process of placing a mortgage on property in favor of a lender.  

Insurance / Opinions

We can provide an opinion on a title's current state and issue a title insurance policy.


Searches identify issues that may affect a transfer of ownership or the ability to obtain title insurance.

Document Preparation

Valid and effective legal documents are critical for real estate transactions.

Notary Services

Notary services ensure a document’s authenticity for various legal and financial transactions.

Who We Work With

Meet Our Team



Meet Jack, a true visionary and the original founder of our company..



Team Member
Kerrie is an accomplished professional with over three decades of experience..



Owner and attorney
Owner and attorney at 110 Title, Andrew’s responsibilities include..



Team Member
Meet Ami, a seasoned professional in the legal and real estate industry..

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